I’m Richard Southworth, and this is where I will be blogging about my experiences, thoughts and interests with regards to the natural world.

I’ve always loved watching wildlife and sharing my passion with other people, ever since primary school. While I love most animals, I’ve always been most drawn to reptiles and amphibians, especially snakes. For example, my high school kept a garter snake, and I always enjoyed the times I got to look after him during the holidays – provided I kept him well away from my less enthusiastic parents!

After completing a degree in zoology, I took my first solo trip abroad, spending a whole month volunteering at a reptile park in South Africa. Since then, I’ve been seeking out other new experiences, to learn more about wildlife – these have included:

  • Assisting in herpetological conservation surveys in Guatemala
  • Surveying for cetaceans in the Gulf of Naples, Italy
  • Wildlife watching in the Philippines
  • Surveying for snakes in Himachal Pradesh, India

In-between, I’ve continued looking for wildlife back home in Britain, practicing my skills in fieldwork and photography. I’ve even appeared in the feedback section of BBC Wildlife Magazine a couple of times!

I started blogging back in January 2014 – I’d just got back from my first trip to Guatemala and I was feeling stimulated and ready to try something new. Now I’ve started this particular blog as a focus for all my posts relating to nature and zoology. As well as any wildlife-watching excursions I go on, both local and abroad, I plan to blog about other related topics, such as any interesting news regarding zoological discoveries or conservation. I expect I’ll also have new ideas for posts as I go along – please feel free to contact me with suggestions.

I hope you enjoy and take something worthwhile from here!

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