Childhood Memories of Nature

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In the May 2018 issue of BBC Wildlife Magazine, there’s a thought-provoking article by zoologist and TV presenter Jess French, in which she comments on how many children these days are not encouraged to get involved with nature, their parents being happy to let them be entertained via digital means. Though I don’t have any children of my own, it’s all too easy to see this as the case today, and it’s a real shame. As Jess points out, early experiences are very important – I know that my own exposure to nature in childhood made a lasting impression and ensured that I would always retain that interest.

In the early-to-mid 1990s, even before the Internet provided easy information access, there were plenty of books and television programmes which could expand my knowledge beyond what was on the doorstep. Probably the one that made the biggest impression on me…

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Welcome to my new blog!


Since January 2014, I have been blogging at, about all sorts of different things that interest me: from book reviews, to travel stories, to interesting trivia. Now I’ve decided to bring some additional organisation to my blogging. I’ve set up this new site, which I’m going to reserve for blogging about one of my favourite subjects: animals.

Here, I’ll be posting about the wildlife I see in my local area, as well as any wildlife-related travelling I do, plus other titbits like interesting news or nature-related books I come across. I’ll still be maintaining my old blog for other subjects, and keeping any articles relating to nature that I’ve already posted there. In the ‘Travels’ link above, you can find links to articles about my previous overseas adventures.

This should be fun!